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  • Add a Disk to LVM Volume Group and Create Storage Volume in Proxmox

    To create an LVM (Logical Volume Manager) volume in Linux, you can follow these steps: Note: Replace “sdX” with the appropriate drive identifier for your disk, such as “sda” or “sdb”. Note: You can press “d” to delete any existing partitions beforehand Note: Replace “sdXN” with the appropriate partition identifier for the new partition, such […]

  • How to Migrate an Umbrel LND Node without Closing Channels

    If you already have a Bitcoin node with a lot of Lightning Network channels, it can be expensive to close and reopen them, especially when you consider the cost of rebalancing to restore the channel’s balance from your old node. When migrating a Lightning node to different hardware, there are risks to consider, primarily ensuring […]

  • How to replace your own bitcoin transaction and send to a different address

    If you recently broadcasted a Bitcoin transaction and it is still unconfirmed, it is possible to replace it by broadcasting a second transaction that spends the same inputs at a higher fee. The bumpfee command is used to increase the fee of an existing transaction. However, it is possible to use the bumpfee command to […]

  • How to add Redundancy to your Lightning Node

    In this guide you will learn how to add redundancy to your lightning network node. Since we’re just talking about hardware, many of these principals also apply to the fields of server administration and IT generally. Redundancy is not the same as backups. Backups, redundancy and watchtowers, as well as good security and privacy practice […]

  • Install charge-lnd and Put Routing Fees on Autopilot

    In this article, you’ll learn how to automatically manage your channel fees with charge-lnd. The Lightning Network is a free market for routing and liquidity. It’s up to each individual node to set the price of their node’s liquidity. Node operators do this by defining the base fee and the fee rate for each one […]

  • How to Batch Open Lightning Channels and Start Routing for Profit

    If you operate a Lightning Network routing node for profit, one of your biggest costs are channel opening fees. These channel opens are just regular 2-of-2 multisig bitcoin transactions. Exchanges have been batching bitcoin transactions for years to save significantly on network fees. You too can see similar savings by batch opening lightning channels on […]